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Chapter 7 - 08/07/2020

New court cases involving an individual or business that is unable to pay debts owed to creditors. All assets not exempted by law are liquidated to pay creditors.

Nancy I Pabon, 9455 103rd St #824, Jacksonville, FL 32210, Atty: D Higginbotham, Case No 20-02220-CJJ

John Daniel McKenna aka John Mckenna & Kimberly McKenna aka Kemberly Muns aka Kimberly Mckenna, 4083 Sunbeam Rd #2008, Jacksonville, FL 32257, Atty: D DuFresne, Case No 20-02223-CJJ

Charlotte Rotundo Tonich aka Charlotte Nicole Rotundo, 6232 Shady Oak Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32277, Atty: T Gahanian, Case No 20-02224-JAF

David M McLarnan, 2610 Glen Mawr Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32207-4505, Atty: J Le Mieux, Case No 20-02225-JAF

Erik S Garrard, 8594 Walden Glen Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32256, Atty: T Adam, Case No 20-02226-JAF

Elicia M Broomfield aka Elicia Michelle Broomfield, 549 Madison Av, Orange Park, FL 32065, Atty: E Mousa, Case No 20-02227-JAF

Askia Manley aka Askia Omare Manley, 1085 Atlantic Bv #10, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, Atty: T Dolaghan, Case No 20-02228-JAF