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Family Law - 02/18/2020

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

Towsend, Katrina Ann and King, Deundra Kyyla; Admin Support; Div-FM-B, 20-000838-DR

Inman, Erica Mae and Archbold, Travis Stephen; Admin Support; Div-FM-C, 20-000840-DR

Griggs, Cydni L and McKinney, Jamell Longet; Admin Support; Div-FM-F, 20-000842-DR

Stokes, Crystal Nicole and Medina, Edwin Jr; Admin Support; Div-FM-D, 20-000843-DR

Sutton, Angel Briana and Tubbs, Brandon Isiah; Admin Support; Div-FM-C, 20-000844-DR

Kohn, Karen Renee and In Re: Custody, Worth, Kailya Dennell, Clarke, Corey Clement; Proper Person; Custody; Div-FM-E, 20-000846-DR

Rose, Mason Christopher and McCall, Soporia K; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 20-000823-DR

Valentin, Gabriel and Osorio, Mariangelis R; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 20-000824-DR

Macdonald, Megan Lee and Macdonald, Nicholas Adam; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 20-000827-DR

Oshea, Patrick J. Sr and Oshea, Patti Ann; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 20-000831-DR

Brown, Pollie Ann and Chaves, Mario Tomas; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 20-000835-DR

Hewlett, Austin and Hewlett, Kelly Chaya; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 20-000836-DR

Tran, Grace and Nguyen, Khuong; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 20-000837-DR

Robinson-Vinson, Darlene and Vinson, Bruce Edward; Darlene Robinson- Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 20-000839-DR

Dyer, Jamie R and Dyer, Robert W; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 20-000841-DR

Strange, Mary Love and Strange, Joel Clinton; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 20-000845-DR

Rodriguez, Dana and Sanchez Cadena, Jorge Luis; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 20-000850-DR

Lee, Kimberly Michelle and Lee, Evander Jr; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 20-000851-DR

Bacon, Brooks Brandon and Bacon, Tiarra; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 20-000852-DR

Bardales, Jorge and Bardales, Kimberly; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 20-000853-DR

Townley, Michelle Dubourt and Townley, James Keith; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 20-000855-DR

Young, Lorenzo Mandell and Young, Leeanna J; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 20-000857-DR

Rodriguez, Cynthia Lee and Rodriguez, Daniel; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 20-000858-DR

Torres-Howard, Misty M and Howard, Christopher G; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 20-000859-DR

Dagostino, Joseph Jr and Abreu-Ortiz, Vanessa; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 20-000862-DR

Leblanc, Bethany and Mayfield, Andrew; Proper Person; Emergency Pick-Up Order; Div-FM-G, 20-000861-DR

Dengler, Maritza and Dengler, Shawn Phillip; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-C, 20-000825-DR

Macon, Trenda D and Richardson, Antonio L; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-D, 20-000830-DR

James, Raquel L and Lassiter, Earnest Junior; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-D, 20-000856-DR

Klinner, Anita R and Miller, Bobby Lee; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-C, 20-000865-DR

Flager, Daiquan Andre Sr and Wilkinson, Destiny Charnell; Proper Person; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-E, 20-000832-DR

Simmons, Brian Lee and Trotman, Brittany Emelda; Proper Person; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-B, 20-000847-DR

Smyklo, Stacie Renee and Wynne, Robert Leroy Jr; Proper Person; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-G, 20-000848-DR

Milner, Louis Jay and Erwin, Kyleah S; Proper Person; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-F, 20-000860-DR

Pawlowics, Amber Michelle and Jackson, Randolph Kayideenm; Petition For Support; Div-FM-B, 20-000863-DR

Spell, Christopher Michael and Spell, Rachel Kay; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-G, 20-000826-DR

Sessions, Calvin Cecil and White, Shelby Ann; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-F, 20-000828-DR

Wappenstein, John Paul and Wappenstein, Carrie Anne; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-B, 20-000829-DR

Osaloni, Olalekan Oluwatoyin and Redding-Osaloni, Vanessa Michelle; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-C, 20-000833-DR

Elvington, Adam Benjamin and Elvington, Anna Louise; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-A, 20-000834-DR