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Family Law - 04/13/2021

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

Lee, Shontia Latrice and Middleton, Kenneth Maurice II; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001924-DR

Kitchens, Caitlin M and Max, Dicce; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001926-DR

Gonzalez, Franchesk P and Acosta, Jose D; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001928-DR

Jackson, Charis L and Jackson, Destiny L; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001935-DR

Knapp, Emily R (in Care Of Child Support Agency) and Rockerfeller, Joshua R; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001936-DR

Sapp, Frances M and Brunson, Clara S; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001939-DR

Fralin, Arianna Janai and Washington, Tyler Demarco; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001940-DR

Farmer, Sarah Emily and Wright, Tristan; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001942-DR

James, Amythist Victoria and Starling, Ngozi Donavan; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001945-DR

Small, Lori L and Flowers, Bradley D; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001946-DR

Helton, Natasha A (in Care Of Child Support Agency) and Williams, Jeremy J; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001947-DR

Mosley, Chyna O and Brown, Yehoshua; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001948-DR

Mann, Alexandria C and Candelario, Jose R; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001949-DR

Jones, Keyanna N and Shoultz, Keith Alleris Jr; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001950-DR

Tolbert, India Liteasha and Murray, Eric Eugene; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001951-DR

Paulson, Michelle L and Paulson, Carl A; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-001910-DR

Smith, Chrystal Deanna and Smith, David; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-001913-DR

Johnson, Cheniqua and Johnson, Andrew; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001915-DR

Desulme, Sherline and Bolivard, Johnny; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001916-DR

Griffiths, Matthew and Griffiths, Kristina; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001920-DR

Plair, Samantha K and McCamis, Adam D; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001921-DR

Turner, Fred Douglas Jr and Turner, Sharon Lynette; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001927-DR

Nazworth, Deborah Anne and Nazworth, Bradford Corbett; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001931-DR

Davis, Kierra and Davis, William; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-001932-DR

Woods, Meghan Danielle Woods and Woods, Williams L II; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001937-DR

Dubignon, Dion K and Dubignon, Dion K; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-001938-DR

Jones, Cherelle Y and Jones, Willie E; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001944-DR

Murray, Timothy Shea and Eberman, Desdie Withrow; Proper Person; Foreign Judgment Custody; Div-FM-D, 21-001917-DR

Peterson, Britta and Peterson, Bryce; Foreign Judgment Dissolution Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001943-DR

Foreman, Porcha and In Re: Name Change (minor Child); Name Change; Div-FM-C, 21-001918-DR

Youmas, Jacqueline Lynette and Re:name Change; Name Change; Div-FM-C, 21-001929-DR

Detorres, Dylan James and In Re: Adult Name Change; Proper Person; Name Change; Div-FM-G, 21-001934-DR

Davis, Raygen B. and Carr, Garrett A.; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-E, 21-001919-DR

Maxwell, Anthony and Patrice Richards; Proper Person; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-F, 21-001922-DR

Bolden, Darnequa D. and King, Richard Jerome; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-G, 21-001923-DR

Bryant, Tamara Jaszette and Washington, Kenneth James Jr; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-F, 21-001930-DR

Scott, Quintonya Toyett and Smith, Kevin Walter, Scott, Robert Elton; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-F, 21-001933-DR

Adams, Robert and Montgomery, Christen; Petition To Establish Parental Responsibility/Parenting Plan Timesharing; Div-FM-E, 21-001912-DR

Alexandre, Michael Gilbert and Alexandre, Nora Emma; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-D, 21-001925-DR

Shanks, Crystal Shantell and Lee, Nickolas Burgess; Support IV-D; Div-FM-C, 21-001911-DR

Brown, Sharena and Washington, Jermaine; Support IV-D; Div-FM-D, 21-001914-DR

Stafford, Shantrell Vontreiys and Alston, Deshaud Jerome; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001961-DR

Singleton, Tanisha Andrea and Ford, Derald Lenard; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001963-DR

Brown, Nakiyah Lashay and Mohead, Treyvon Anthony; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001984-DR

Pertilla, Janorris Derell and Wilcox, Ashley Denice; Admin Support; Div-FM-Q, 21-001986-DR

Baxter, Kathlyn E. and In Re: Temporary Custody By Extended Family Member, Strickland, Sharon K; Custody; Div-FM-F, 21-001952-DR

Scoggins, Richard and Scoggins, Sydney; Proper Person; Custody; Div-FM-A, 21-001991-DR

Arroyo, Carmen Maria and Guerrero, Jairo Ramon; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001953-DR

Davis, Douglas Antonio and Davis, Andrea; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001956-DR

Clinton, Ashley and Dickie, Andre; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-001957-DR

Alexander, James-Mikal S and Alexander, Jennifer; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-001960-DR

Collins, Myron Glassco Jr and Collins, Ebony Ephriam; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001964-DR

Shealy, Jennifer L and Terrell, Shealy L; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001967-DR

Thomas, Antonio and Mrasardino, Kzara; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001970-DR

Bacalis, Steven W and Coleman, Holly E; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-001972-DR

Wesner, Andrea M and Denis, David; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001975-DR

Herman, Liz Maya and Valery, Chirler; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-001976-DR

Eisele, Alyssa Renee and Clark, Bradley Lawrence; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-001980-DR

Tinsley, Cie and Boyette, George; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001981-DR

Morgan, Claire and Morgan, Jeremiah; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-001982-DR

Brown, Idamae C, Ulery, David and Milton, Darius L, Light, Ashlee, Leonard, Bryan; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001983-DR

Curcio, Anthony J. and Zimmerly, Monica; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-001987-DR

Holman, Andrew J Jr and Holman, Shadreeka L; Andrew J Holman, Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001988-DR

Hall, Ashley M and Hall, Curtis J; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-001989-DR

Hoskins, Dyana P. and Hoskins, Alfred; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-001992-DR

Passen, Jennifer and Passen, Chance; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-001994-DR

Jimenez Villeda, Gelen M. and Cruz Relles, Noe G.; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-001995-DR

McCoy, Nelson A and McCoy, Jasmine S; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-001996-DR

Morgan, Nicholas J and Rodriguez, Mariah; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-001997-DR

Thomas, Shaquanna Tanae and Thomas, Brian Dewayne; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-001998-DR

Levinson, Jennifer and Levinson, Randolph; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-002000-DR

Strader, Kimberly Ann and Strader, Edward Lee III; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-002001-DR

Randolph Escamarst, Isaac Jonie and Escamarst, Diamond C; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-002003-DR

Thompson, Shalene and Billy, Antoine Conte Jr; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-F, 21-001958-DR

Tyner, Tekayah Lashae and Adams, Corey Tajuan; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-D, 21-001969-DR

Bristol, Macelette L and In Re: Name Change(adult); Proper Person; Name Change; Div-FM-C, 21-001966-DR

Pulido, Svetlana Dougan and In Re: Name Change; Proper Person; Name Change; Div-FM-E, 21-001979-DR

Scott, Ruth and In Re: Temporary Custody By Extended Family, Forgione, Joseph Christopher III; Other Family Court; Div-FM-B, 21-001990-DR

Eagle, Christi Nicole and Williams, Wayne Harlan Jr; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-A, 21-001954-DR

Stephenson, Debbie Ann Marie and Pearson, Lester Wellington Jr; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-D, 21-001959-DR

Stewart, Zebbie and Ervin, Johnisha; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-G, 21-001999-DR

Baker, Antwain and Wright, Taylor; Proper Person; Petition To Establish Parental Responsibility/Parenting Plan Timesharing; Div-FM-F, 21-001973-DR

Young, Alonzo S Jr and Hankerson, Tikesha M; Petition To Establish Parental Responsibility/Parenting Plan Timesharing; Div-FM-A, 21-002004-DR

Hill, Timothy and Hill, Rachel; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-F, 21-001962-DR

Allen, Daniel Ray and Allen, Aimee Theresa; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-B, 21-001977-DR

Dailey Fussell, Marcella Yvonne and Fussell, Kevin Gerald; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-G, 21-001978-DR

Drake, Doctor and Drake, Kandy Serena; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-F, 21-001985-DR

Chavers, Brandy Jean and Orman, Joshua, Gonzalez, Angel Hernandez; Support IV-D; Div-FM-E, 21-001955-DR

Harris, Melissa Freeman and Glover, Gerald Nathaniel; Support IV-D; Div-FM-G, 21-001965-DR

Darrisaw, Virginia and Wiggins, Joshua Caleb; Support IV-D; Div-FM-C, 21-001971-DR

Wilkes, Tigra Kachir and Smith, Christopher Amontae; Support IV-D; Div-FM-D, 21-001974-DR