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Family Law - 03/01/2021

New court cases involving marriage, adoption, paternity or divorce.

Alexander, Treva and Quarterman, Anthony; Custody; Div-FM-C, 21-000738-DR

Keaton, Sherika Lecarol and In Re: Temporary Custody, Keaton, Kristen L; Proper Person; Custody; Div-FM-E, 21-000747-DR

Dessureau, Paige Victoria and Dessureau, Donald David; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-000727-DR

Kirshenbaum, Todd M and Kirshenbaum, Jennifer J; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000728-DR

Awoku, Olayinka and Awoku, Rochelle Elana; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000730-DR

Raulerson, Shaun and Raulerson, Nelda; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000731-DR

Baumgartner, Brett and Zangara, Brianna; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-000733-DR

Thomas, Nicholas and Thomas, Courtney; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000734-DR

Gonzalez, Yomaira Esther and Arboleda, Christian Bolivar; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-000737-DR

Phelps, Julie A and Jones, Melvin; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-000739-DR

Zambrano Santana, Elson Eduardo and Fernandez Gutierrez, Omaira Marilin; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-000740-DR

Nelson, Kristina D and Nelson, Geoffrey M; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-000741-DR

Jackson, Joy Kimberly and Jackson, Edward; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000743-DR

Mills Smith, Felicia M and Smith, Andrew Gardner; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000745-DR

Raymie, Tawny Denise and Raymie, Robert; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-D, 21-000748-DR

Dyer, Catherine L and Dyer, James M; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000750-DR

Edwards, Shawn and Rosado, Amanda A.; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-000752-DR

Ortiz, Paola M and Huhn, Robert J. III; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000753-DR

Dyer, James W, Green, Suzanne W and Dyer, Catherine; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000754-DR

Crowell, David and Crowell, Yuko; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-000756-DR

Thayer, Andrea Latia and In Re: Name Change (minor); Proper Person; Name Change; Div-FM-F, 21-000751-DR

Flores, Francisco M. and Martinez, Yari E.; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-B, 21-000735-DR

Padilla, Ernesto Enrique and Villegas, Michelle A.; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-D, 21-000755-DR

Bright, Benjamin Perry and Cray, Lasha Elizabeth; Proper Person; Petition To Establish Parental Responsibility/Parenting Plan Timesharing; Div-FM-D, 21-000736-DR

Baldwin, Trykneeca S and Thurman, Demarcus C; Proper Person; Petition To Establish Parental Responsibility/Parenting Plan Timesharing; Div-FM-B, 21-000746-DR

North, Aaron Benjamin and Harris, Amanda Leigh; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-F, 21-000732-DR

Sylvester, Katonga T and Lan, Federico A; Admin Support; Div-FM-F, 21-000779-DR

Degroff, Aliene and Zamora, Allysha, Zamora (deceased), Shannon; Proper Person; Custody; Div-FM-G, 21-000785-DR

Biggins, Penny L. and Biggins, William R.; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-000759-DR

Hawkins, Valencia S. and Swift-Hawkins, Donnie Lee; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-000761-DR

Moleres, Amneris I and Negron Cortes, Anibal I; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-000762-DR

Ford, Lakeisha and Ford, Nathaniel; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000763-DR

Smith, Cheyenne S. and Neal, Derian B.; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000765-DR

Fackler, Laura L and Fackler, William Marcus; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-000768-DR

Odell, Brad Hunter and Odell, Ashley Lillis; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000769-DR

Cruz, Terry Belvin and Cruz, Franky; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-B, 21-000770-DR

Steffanic, Andrew and Steffanic, Beth Ann; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-G, 21-000771-DR

Murphy, Jeanne and Murphy, Daniel; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000773-DR

Johnson, Akeen and Johnson, Ashley; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000777-DR

Slaga, Micah A and Slaga, Megan L; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-F, 21-000778-DR

Robinson, Audrey T. and Robinson, Cecil T.; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-A, 21-000781-DR

Wright, Nairobi T and Wright, Alonza A; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000782-DR

Cole, Malcolm and Edwards, Kimberlee Shantoye; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-E, 21-000787-DR

Pressley, Culbert Allen and Morrison, Patrice; Proper Person; Dissolution Of Marriage; Div-FM-C, 21-000788-DR

Covin, Saquanya and Merritt, Dexter; Foreign Judgment Support; Div-FM-A, 21-000760-DR

Cummings, Karen H and In Re: Change Of Name (adult); Name Change; Div-FM-B, 21-000772-DR

Smith-Lynton, Mschelle Adriannae and In Re: Name Change (adult); Name Change; Div-FM-E, 21-000780-DR

Colon, Jimmy and Jackson, Brittany; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-D, 21-000758-DR

Mejia, Daniel and Fiefield, Christine; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-B, 21-000764-DR

Carswell, Franklin and James, Jasmine; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-E, 21-000774-DR

Johnson, Shaquille and Martin, Shatique Lakora; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-G, 21-000776-DR

Fletcher, Epifanio and Price, Jordan Marie; Paternity/Disestablishment Of Paternity; Div-FM-B, 21-000784-DR

Potter, Devin Stewart and Potter, Kelsey Ann; Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-E, 21-000767-DR

Cardoza-Huber, Adonna Shay and Huber, Newell Robert; Adonna Shay Cardoza- Proper Person; Simplified Dissolution; Div-FM-D, 21-000783-DR