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Civil Actions - 10/15/2021

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

Medders, Gregory Heath vs. Pike, Stephen Wayne, Usaa General Indemnity Company; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-E, 21-005127-CA

Shelton, Roy vs. Jims Concrete Of Brevard Inc.; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-B, 21-005130-CA

Conaway-Gray, Chrystal, Gray, Wayne vs. Nolan, Leslie Deneil; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-H, 21-005135-CA

Smith, Sydni vs. Johnson, Dmarkeus, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Ziegler, Kirsten; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-C, 21-005136-CA

McGriff, Lekeara Z. vs. Fordham, Elizabeth Wiggins, Wiggins, Tyler Scott; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-D, 21-005139-CA

Fisher, Kevin vs. Bunnow, Claire; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-E, 21-005141-CA

Ally Bank vs. Cathey, Thomas L.; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-G, 21-005138-CA

Metcalf 87 Associates, LLC vs. Pawn & Pint, LLC; Foreign Judgment; Div-CV-F, 21-005131-CA

Amos Financial LLC vs. Jones, Gregory Lemuel, Unknown Spouse Of Gregory Lemuel Jones, Jones, Lisa D, Unknown Spouse Of Lisa D Jones, Unknown Tenant #1, Unknown Tenant #2, State Of Florida, Equable Ascent Financial LLC, City Of Jacksonville, American General Home Equity, Inc., Enerbank USA; Homestead Residential Foreclosure - $0 - $50,000; Div-FC-H, 21-005132-CA

Freedom Mortgage Corporation vs. Mundt, Nicholas E, Unknown Spouse Of Nicholas E Mundt, Aqua Finance Inc, Sunrise Ridge Owners Association Inc, Unknown Tenant #1, Unknown Tenant #2; Non-Homestead Residential Foreclosure $250,000 Or More; Div-FC-A, 21-005134-CA

Seaton Creek Reserve Community Development Distric vs. State Of Florida; Other Circuit Civil - Other; Div-CV-G, 21-005128-CA

Middleton, Annette vs. State Of Florida, Department Of Health, Bureau Of Vital Statistics; Other Circuit Civil - Other; Div-CV-F, 21-005140-CA

Buckman As Personal Representative Of The Estate Of Thelma J Brown, Rhonda D. vs. West Jacksonville Care Acquisition LLC D/B/A Fouraker Hills Rehab And Nursing Home; Other Negligence - Nursing Home Negligence; Div-CV-B, 21-005137-CA

Harris, Robert vs. Winn - Dixie Stores, Inc.; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-D, 21-005129-CA

Miami Holding 1 LLC, A Delaware Limited Liability vs. Antoine, Marthe; Other Real Property Actions $0 - $50,000; Div-CV-C, 21-005133-CA