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Civil Actions - 08/06/2020

New court cases involving suits filed by a plaintiff for damages alleged to have been caused by the actions or negligence of a defendant, which can be an individual or a business, corporation or government entity.

Brink, Jeffrey E vs. Progressive American Insurance Company; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-G, 20-004048-CA

Stevens, Susan W vs. Mercury Indemnity Company Of America; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-B, 20-004049-CA

Maxwell, Jenny Tassy vs. Garrison Property And Casualty Insurance Company; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-H, 20-004051-CA

Allen, Samuel vs. Valtierra, Tiffany, Tyson, Tiante, United Services Automobile Association; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-B, 20-004058-CA

Lee, Malenie vs. Phillips, Brittany L., Phillips, Donald D., United Services Automobile Association; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-C, 20-004059-CA

Palmieri, Alessandra, Palmieri, Luigi vs. Edwards, Charles, Walters, Gage, Price, Brittney; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-F, 20-004060-CA

Walker, Melvin vs. Stansell, Tracey, Hill, Cameron; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-A, 20-004062-CA

Sundberg, Alexander vs. Usaa General Indemnity Company; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-B, 20-004067-CA

Shahan, Daryl vs. Meehan, Henry, Ohio Security Insurance Company; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-F, 20-004071-CA

Toliver, Valerie D, Toliver, Clemon Jr vs. Usaa General Indemnity Company, Delacruz, Cesar A., Roman, Jodie C; Auto Negligence Case; Div-CV-G, 20-004073-CA

Community First Credit Union Of Florida vs. Clarke, Kourtney Jamar; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-A, 20-004050-CA

The Kitchen & Bar Doctors, LLC, Jacker, Steven I vs. Roost Restaurants II, LLC, Stein, Martin E II, Demetree, Jack C III; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-D, 20-004052-CA

Johnson, Brenda J vs. Preeminence Contracting, Inc, Johnson, Charles E III; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-E, 20-004055-CA

Old Dominion Insurance Company vs. Petersendean Roofing And Solar Systems, Inc.; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-G, 20-004056-CA

Baymeadows Reflections LP vs. Alignnetworks, Inc.; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-B, 20-004057-CA

The Malle Company, Inc. vs. River City Contractors, Inc., Cottrill, Alan D; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-C, 20-004066-CA

Retail Developers, LLC vs. Sos Furniture Company, Inc.; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-E, 20-004070-CA

Kohn As Personal Representative For The Estate Of Hazel Milton Montgomery, Deborah B, Montgomery As Personal Representative For The Estate Of Hazel Milton, Dwayne L, Kohn, Deborah B, Montgomery, Dwayne L vs. Security First Insurance Company; Contract And Indebtedness; Div-CV-C, 20-004075-CA

State Farm Florida Insurance Company vs. Setzler, Norma; Insurance Claims; Div-CV-B, 20-004076-CA

Smith, Winston vs. Memorial Hospital, Wells, Dmd, Marvin; Malpractice - Medical - 90-Day Extension; Div-CV-D, 20-004065-CA

Eyemed Vision Care, LLC vs. Vision Service Plan, City Of Jacksonville, Florida; Other Circuit Civil - Other; Div-CV-F, 20-004074-CA

Mosley, Mark vs. The Jacksonville Zoological Society, Inc. DBA Jacksonville Zoo And Gardens, Harper, Jeraldine; Other Negligence - Other; Div-CV-C, 20-004054-CA

Froat, Thomas vs. Jacksonville Transportation Authority; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-E, 20-004064-CA

Jones, Davarus vs. Duval County Public Schools; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-H, 20-004068-CA

Wyche, Betty vs. Cathedral Towers, Ltd, Cathedral Towers 2, Inc., Carteret Management Corporation; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-D, 20-004069-CA

Prevatt, Crystal vs. Shands Jacksonville Foundation, Inc.; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-A, 20-004072-CA

Maddrick, Clarence vs. Gefiltefish 770 LLC., A Florida Limited Liability Company; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Commercial; Div-CV-D, 20-004077-CA

Durr, Jahmal vs. Ford, Altamese L., Graham, Marion Jr; Other Negligence-Premises Liability-Residential; Div-CV-H, 20-004063-CA

Yost, Charles E vs. Estate Of Sarah E. Maddox, Newbold, Mabel Y, Yarborough, Kelton, Young, Wilma, Parker, Ronnie William, Baker, Linda Louise Parker; Other Real Property Actions $0 - $50,000; Div-CV-F, 20-004053-CA

Ronnie Fussell, As Clerk Of Courts vs. Storeybrook Child Care Center, Inc., HSBC Bank USA; Other Real Property Actions $0 - $50,000; Div-CV-G, 20-004061-CA